Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato Hash

Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato Hash


A delicious complete meal with jerk seasoned chicken and sweet potatoes. Chopped cilantro adds a fresh and zesty touch to balance the sweet heat from our crowd pleasing Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce. Also delicious when served over Jasmine rice. 



3/4 cup Robert Rothschild Farm Pineapple & Habanero Dip or Sauce
4 Tbsp. Olive oil, divided
1 lb. Chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
2 large Sweet potatoes, cubed
1 bunch Cilantro, finely chopped
2 Tbsp. Jerk seasoning
Salt & pepper, to taste                                   


Liberally coat all sides of chicken breasts with Jerk seasoning. Pour two tablespoons olive oil into a medium sauté pan and brown chicken over medium heat.  Once cooked through, remove to cutting board and let rest. Add two tablespoons olive oil to large sauté pan and cook sweet potatoes over medium heat until slightly browned. Cut chicken into cubes. Salt and pepper chicken to taste.  Add diced chicken to pan with sweet potatoes.  Add Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce and stir thoroughly. Cook until sweet potatoes are soft. Drizzle with excess sauce and top with cilantro. Serve immediately.