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Cranberry Almond Crisp


1 jar                 Robert Rothschild Farm Cranberry Sauce

1/2 cup             Sugar

3 Tbsp.            All-purpose flour

1 tsp.                Vanilla extract

1/4 tsp.             Ground cinnamon



3/4 cup             All-purpose flour

3/4 cup             Old-fashioned rolled oats

1/2 cup             Brown sugar, packed

1/4 cup             Almonds, sliced

1/2 tsp.             Salt

6 Tbsp.            Unsalted butter, melted

1/4 tsp.             Almond extract


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.


Combine the Robert Rothschild Farm Cranberry Sauce and next 4 ingredients (through cinnamon) in a large bowl; stir well.


Pour the mixture into a pie plate or baking dish coated with cooking spray. Bake at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes or until thick and bubbly.


While cranberry mixture bakes, combine flour, oats, brown sugar, almonds, and salt in a medium bowl, and stir well. Combine butter and almond extract in a small bowl, and drizzle over oat mixture, stirring until moist clumps form.


Remove cranberry mixture from oven, and sprinkle evenly with the streusel topping. Bake an additional 20 minutes or until streusel is golden brown. Let stand for 5 minutes; serve warm. 


Optional:  Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

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