Product Reviews

Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce

Amazingly delicious ! My new favorite flavor. -- Dux

Absolutely the best with cream cheese and your favorite crackers. Wow. -- Strum

I absolutely love this sauce! My friend Dennis had it over cream cheese with crackers before a meal and I could have eaten just this!!!! Habit forming and truly yummy!!!! Can't wait to try it over chicken, fish, and prok chops. -- Bonnie Smith

I love this sauce. I was afraid it would be too hot but the pineapple mellows it out. I use it on everything. Tasted great on a Mediterranean chicken burger and I used it to BBQ pork and chicken. -- Pam Benavidez

I mixed this with cream cheese and chopped green onions and served it on crackers. It was to die for. Tonight I'm going to try it on chicken. Thank you for such a delicious sauce. -- Fran

GREAT! -- Tom

This sauce gets a 5 star from me!! It has such an awesome flavor! We eat it on crackers with cream cheese, on grilled chicken, in tuna, just about anywhere! It has the perfect blend of the hot habanero and sweet pineapple. Definitely recommend this one! -- Amy

This stuff is awwwwwsome, great on chicken, hamburger, pork chops, spinch, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, on sour cream as a cip dip. (and I'm still trying it on other items.) -- Gene Florest

We have used this on many things,grilling, dips, sauces, it is wonderful! Everyone we let try it goes mad and wants to get their own. Wonderful, can't get enough -- debbie bracken

This is the best sauce over Cream Cheese or Brie Cheese on any kind of crackers. I served it at our Luau Party, and had 3 e-mails the next day for the name of the sauce. I have to drive almost 20 miles to get it at Costco, but it is worth it. My neighbor bought my first bottle, and got me hooked. Thank you RR. -- Betty McGrath

Sweet, tangy, great flavor and heat. Can't stop eating it once you start. Awesome on meat of your choice, marinade, grill, or sautee, or just by itself as a dip. -- Ron Baldwin

Excellent topping. Makes meals delicious. Has that hot effect not too intense. -- Viviana

I'm Canadian & I just found this at our local Costco. I had never tried it or heard of this product. The label & how appetising the product looked, just reeled me in. I read the serving suggestions & reckoned I would give it a whirl. Its my new favourite topping. I've had it on Lamb instead of mint jelly, meatballs, chicken, fish, hamburgers. Going back to Costco to stock up, before everyone else in town realises how great it is. -- Jett

Tried this for the first time this week. Wasn't sure about the heat but when I tried it in chicken salad made from this sauce OMG it was heaven.Just the right blend of sweet and heat and incredible taste. -- michael

This is simply amazing!! I used on grilled salmon and it's mind blowingly good. Used it on stuffed chicken breasts (sun-dried tomato and feta) It was insanely good! Just used it today in a vegetable and shrimp, scallop stir-fry.....OMG!! I am going to buy any remaining stock that I can find at my retailer. Thank you to the creators of this of this fabulous sauce! -- Carbide Guy

Picked this up in Virginia at Costco while on a visit from Canada. Wish we had it here in Edmonton! Brought two bottles home with us, should have brought a case! Really good on everything. I even had some on vanilla ice cream with a few chocolate chips! Try it! -- Jim Willett

Awesome sauce on everything! -- Brian Aucoin

This sauce is amazing and I can't get enough of it. I pour some over cream cheese and eat with crackers or chips and it's delish. Also on Fish tacos and pretty much anything and everything. Gonna buy a bunch so I don't run out. !!! -- Sandi Brumund-Smolin

Wifey was kind enough to surprise me with a cream cheese cracker dip she blended with this, and it was marvelous! We're actually making up a batch to take to luau tonight. Our friends will love it as well! -- Michael L Boggs

Absolutely the best to drizzle on chicken to make a spicy chicken luau pizza! (Chicken, bacon, pineapple toppings). -- Gnatstomper Boots

I love this sauce. I especially love it as an evening snack poured in Greek yougart. I eat this for breakfast also. It's adicting!!! -- Joyce Clark

This is my new favorite things to eat!! Tried a sample at costo and got a jar! Absolutely loved it! Its soooo addictive i can't stop eating!!! -- Mansa

We sampled this at Costco in Albuquerque, and my son said he would eat it on anything. It was awhile before I bought a bottle, but everytime we went to Costco they had samples and my son kept saying it would be good on anything. I finally bought some, and my son has been working hard to prove his case. Yesterday I slow roasted a pork loin in this amazing sauce. It is my new specialty, Pineapple Habanero Pulled Pork. I think we may try some on an old shoe next weekend, lol -- Davetta L Wilson

This is to die for. I could eat it alone with just a spoon. -- Peggy Haynes

Mixed with cream cheese to make a spread for crackers. My new addiction! Will make again! -- Paige

Used this in crock pot with thick pork chops.....brown chops first, layer chops with sause in between and over chops.....excellent! -- Sheron

Bought this the first time at Costco. It is the best I've EVER had & I'm nearly out, so the online option is great, as Costco is a 78 mi. trip. I don't ever want to run out of this sauce! I use it on nearly anything. Chicken, seafood, salmon, potatoes -it's good on everything. -- MaryAnn Frates

This is the best I ever tasted. -- holly de rosa

This stuff's the BEST (on everyting)! Sweet with heat! We plan on buying many other types of sauces and dips! -- tracee dicus

I absolutely love this sauce. This is a great spread to put on turkey sandwiches to kick it up a notch. Very unique taste...sweet at first and a little spicy later. Highly recommend. -- Michael Preston


This is one of the best sauces ever. Ive never liked hot sauces and got this for a family member. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful flavoring and lack of "hotness". it just added unique flavoring to many of my favorite dishes, including shrimp stir fry, Salmon Chutney etc. I went thru the bottle in a week or so trying different recipies. how fun. Of course Costco quit stocking it the week I went back for more but its available online at the same pricing. buy some, Lodi ca -- Ken Draper

The finest sauce I've had in many years. Sadly, Costco stopped selling it. -- Robert McTigue

Tastes really good on everything.

This sauce is fantastic. It's great on chicken, pork and fish. Easy to use too. You don't need to marinate for hours. Just rub it on and cook! -- Diane Thurlow

This sauce is amazing! Addictive too! -- Rosetta

There are very few foods that this product will not make a much better tasting dish. Use sparingly,a little bit goes a long way. -- Howard Frankel

My wife made the most amazing braised back ribs with this sauce and a splash of Tropicana OJ. We went back to Costco to buy a case today, but it's not available any more!! Sad face... I think I'll surprise her by buying a case on this site. I wonder if any of the other sauces here as good as the Costco Sauce, as we call it. Thanks, RRF! -- Dan

Love this sauce, use it on so many things: chicken, eggs, crackers. My egg rolls aren't the same without it! Found it at Costco, now they don't carry it and I'm having a hard time find it. Hopefully I can talk my Costco (Lacey, WA) into getting it again. I've tried other sauce, they are delicious also. -- Heidi

It is awesome mixed with BBQ sauce and put on grilled ribs or chicken. -- Jennifer Kirkpatrick

This stuff rocks. Great on chicken and fish. Just tried it on Deer Loins for a marinate. (New Favorite) My hunting friends called the number on the bottle and ordered six bottles that night! Hope I get one. -- Mike Ewing

Perfect combo of sweet and heat. Tons of favs are over cream cheese with your favorite crackers, and as a marinade for a pork tenderloin. Gotta go get more! -- Patrick Kaufmann

Absolutely LOVE this sauce!!! I've served it over cream cheese with crackers, and glazed grilled chicken breasts with it as well. Most recently, I had a party and made meatballs. Used the canned sweet and sour sauce, and also added about 1/3 bottle of this sauce. Everyone RAVED about them. Bought my second bottle and see more in the future! -- Lori

this product is awesome!!!... all the men where I work .. rave about it.. there isnt a store here in abilene that sells it... but tryin to get them to ship a case in from the HEB store in San Angelo... to the HEB here -- Paige Parker

This is absolutely wonderful! It is super spicy and not for the faint of heart, but such a yummy taste I can deal with it! -- Joan

We use it on Tacos instead of traditional Salsa and it's GREAT!!! We are never without it! -- Earl G. Burk

I can't believe how often I use this delicious sauce. I just made a dipping sauce for pot stickers by mixing soy sauce and honey with the Pineapple & Habanero sauce. Last night for dinner I made some chicken tenders and served them with Pineapple & Habanero mixed with Mayo and some fresh cilantro. The next day I served the leftovers on toasted baguettes with the Pineapple Mayo spread. It is outstanding on its own, or mixed with other ingredients. A must have in my fridge! -- Elana Bryan

This sauce is Awesome! My entire family loves it. I am very pleased with this companies customer service as I was having a difficult time trying to find this fabulous sauce in our local stores so I ordered two bottles online because several family members requested it for their wish list for the holidays. So glad I tried this sauce the recipes are countless and the family will be thrilled . Thanks Robert Rothschild Farms. -- Valarie Thompson


We sampled the Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce at a Costco demo and loved it; ended up buying a couple of bottes and used it on both Salmon and Chicken and found the product to be excellent. Went back to Costco last night to buy more, but they had removed the product from their shelves. Not happy about that at all, maybe I can find elsewhere -- Jim Brown

This is yummy, yummy, yummy. My family, friends and I just love this. Can be used for so many things. Check the companies recommended uses, they have great ideas. And the shipping is fast and delivered right to my door. I highly recommend this delightful sauce, especially if you like it HOT! -- Judy

Phenomenal product that I have been purchasing at Costco, who, are out of supply and said they have not reordered. Quite a huge difference in price, which makes it unaffordable for me. Can you advise me as to where else to purchase it in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, or Ft.Lawuderdale area? -- Carole Gotthilf

Awsome mixed with cream cheese and spread on crackers. -- Wilma Rademaker

I use it with everything I even tried it on tamales it was the bomb -- Aaron Lewis

Excellent, just delicious! highly recommended. -- Elsa Garcia de Leon

Love it! I just marinade chicken breasts in this and then cook them on the grill, and they are fantastic!!!!

Fact: I love this. I put it in my chicken salad, low-carb pizza, with fish, etc. It's delicious with a nice kick. The love is intense! -- Elen S

I've only had this mixed in with chicken salad, and rubbed on grilled chicken. And it is definitely my favorite sauce ever! -- Denis Tuohy

The perfect blend of sweet and hot, it goes great with so many foods or just spread on a cracker with some cream cheese -- Chris

This sauce is amazing on salmon! Im totally hooked. One of the best things i've ever eaten! You will not be disappointed. -- Andrea Harless

I use this to roast chicken - it is a family favorite! -- Debby

I cook any kind of fish in a pan with this sauce and then make fish tacos by adding shredded cheddar and and coleslaw. It goes great with anything. We have to drive over 200 miles to get this at Costco. It's cheaper there also. -- Bill Farb

I found this in Costco last year. I sure hope you sell it to them again. I find it sweet, spicy, with a bit of tang all in the same jar. I started including this into my Weight Watch program because the point value is so low and the flavor so high. A recipe I created was a salmon salad on crackers. I would drain a can of Pink Salmon, and in a bowl, add a tablespoon of light mayo, and 2 tablespoons of this sauce. If I have any green onions, I might add some. I would then serve this over crackers. Awesome stuff! -- Doug Flatbush

It tastes awesome with panini sandwich .Yummy !!!! -- Lilly

Great over meatballs. Don't forget to drain grease before adding sauce in the crock pot. -- Donna

Apsolutley amazing sause...the best I ever try I'm not kidding...all of my frend using for everything...with cheez,with pork, fish,corn, the taste like haven..!!!My favorite put top of the baked potato...with baked fish..yuuum!! European taste....picante...! -- Marta

i try roasted pineaple&habanero sauce on ham steak was just great i love it -- guy binette

Perfect combination of hotness and sweetness. It is so hard to stop! And I love the after kick. -- Vipul Seth

I love it as a salad dressing, makes me desire to have a salad. Bought a bottle of this a week from Costco, but was disappointed today when Costco wasn't carrying it anymore Hope this is fixed. -- Dan McCarthy

very very very Good!!!!!! the Roasted pineapple & Habanero Sauce -- J MOORE

Amazing Taste! The spicy taste of the habanero put together with the sweet taste of the pineapple fits together perfectly and creates a sauce that isn't too sweet nor too spicy. -- Andrew

We are addicted to this sauce. My local Costco does not carry it anymore, so I am ordering a case off their website. My family is crazy about using this sauce with my Turkey burgers. Ground turkey, panko bread crumbs, Peach mango salsa. cook them on an indoor or outdoor grill and serve with this sauce on the side. Sauce is great on french fries also! -- Deb McComb

Cream cheese on a cracker and a dab of this on top? Seriously GOOD EATS! -- Fred Evans

it is great taste.

Love this stuff! Using it in my Spicy Apple Coleslaw recipe. Everyone loves it! Have also used it on chicken/pineapple/pepper kabobs, delicious! -- Jen


I am addicted to this stuff!!! -- Keith Tanner

Perfect on Mahi Mahi. Our new 'must have' in the pantry. -- Sharon

I am in love with this sauce, pretty much dip it in all the meat I cook. Just the right amount of spice with a sweet flavor. -- Johnny Chang

absolutely delicious! adds a spark to so many different dishes! -- brenda

Love this as a marinade for salmon. I bought it at costco and sadly they are out of it because they carried it as a seasonal item. So glad to be able to find it online! -- Jean Wisniewski

This sauce is amazing!!!!! We love it and use it on everything!!! -- Dani Wolfe


This sauce is truly wonderful! Just enough of a spicy kick from the habanero peppers but the sweetness from the pineapple and mango really even out the flavors. My family loves it when I use it as a sauce for meatballs which I serve over rice or just for an after school snack. I also use it for dipping sauce with chicken tenders and serve it as a salsa with homemade pita chips. -- J&RLiddell

on a scale of 1-5 we rate it a 7.5! -- Steve jennings

got some at Costco and used it on pork ribs wow!!!!!! went back for more and it was all gone dam!!! great sauce to use in my bbq sauce cannot wait to get more -- margaret ottele

I love this product & use it on almost everything. What a difference it makes chicken especially taste. I just came on line to order more. Thank you inventor it makes cooking fun :) -- Dawn Sarles

Am totally addicted to this delicious sauce but our local supplier (Costco) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has de-listed it despite overwhelming popularity. Please help!!! -- Audrey Steeves

I used this sauce with tortilla chips, and man, It is so good! -- Aldo Velasquez

This sauce is the best. Costco should bring it back!!! -- clint

this product by far is 5 star tasted it @ sams club was addicted from the start . My husband & I use it on everything its great as a dipping sauce or on any meat I even put it in my rice so happy with this product price was even betta @ sams club 7.00 a bottle -- sande chiarella

I love this sauce on all grilled meats its wonderful. Its hard to find but I like to stock up. Its a perfect combo not to sweet and not too hot. -- Amy H.

Love this product. I got the bottle at Costco where they were demonstrating the project with chicken. When I got it home I thought it was a little too spicy, so I put sour cream with it and made chicken burritos. Loved it. Served it to a dinner party and everybody loved it. -- Judy Passey

I put this in oatmeal. I put this in rice pudding. i glaze roasts with it. i use it on everything. i love it. My local chain store ran out and i was devastated. YUMMMMMMMMMMM -- Deirdre Murphy

I LOVE this sauce. Bought a bottle at Costco and now they don't carry it. Will have to order online. So good on chicken, fish and egg rolls. Not too spicy hot, just right -- Deb Thurner

Amazing! I love it on chicken and also put the chicken/sauce combo in my salads. Just enough sweet and heat. Great combination. I think I'm -- Amy

Amazing sauce! I sampled it at HEB and it was wonderful! They are selling it with a different label robert's reserve, but it's the same stuff. There was a coupon so I got 2! -- Travis

For my taste, this stuff is wonderful! I love it! -- Steven Adair

This is the best dipping sauce in the world! -- Steve Scoville

I use this on pretty much everything! Even just a slice of bread. LOVE. IT! -- Marisa D.

Best Pineapple Habanero sauce I ever tasted. In fact, ITS PROBABLY THE BEST "SWEET" HABANERO SAUCES EVER. Bought a bottle at Costco in San Diego in September--- Wish I would have bought a dozen. Great on Fish. Buy all you can. -- D.L. "Stretch" Storer

This is the best sauce ever! Please get Costco to bring it back. I'm dying here! I am addicted to this on cream cheese, but it's also the bomb on chicken and fish. Someone said it's awesome in the slow cooker with porkā€¦ then shred the pork and make tacos. It sounds delish! BUT, I need more sauce!!! -- Stephanie Burbank

This stuff is so good with the recommended cream cheese and crackers. I tried it at Costco 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Don't buy just one jar, buy a case! -- An Addict

Love it on tilapia, BBQ chicken breasts, and BBQ boneless pork loin. Keeps the leaner meats from drying out. -- Brian Senn

MIXED THIS WITH TUNA AND MY MOUTH HAD A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- DANNY FRANKLIN

Sweet and spicy, but not too hot, pairs well with seafood and chicken and I also use it with cream cheese and crepes. Love it! -- Gabriela

Oh my, just went back and got 4 more jars.. I put on fresh spinach and chicken salad. -- Cindee

Wow! Love it!! -- Merla Barberie

We love this sauce it is superb with salmon. seafood, chicken. I bought it at Costco and couldn't find it again. So i am ordering more. Love, Love, Love it! It is absolutely a 5 star product. And it makes me look like a great cook :) Thank You! -- Brenda Baumler

I fell in love with this sauce instantly! Love it on ANYTHING!!! Also need to try the peach mango habenero one now! -- Sharon Williams

This is the best sauce I have ever tried!!

I mix this with mayo, salt & pepper for delicious dressings for macaroni and coleslaw salads. -- Fran Bonnema

This sauce is fantastic. You can use it on so many things. My favorite: use as a taco sauce. Great on fish and cream cheese. Great dipping sauce for those little frozen appetizers of all kinds. I make my Sweet and Sour sauce with a little of this in it. -- Ruby Cantwell

This is my absolute favorite a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The chunks of pineapple are wonderful. I use it with both pork and chicken. -- Julie

This is the Best Sauce!!!!!! -- William Wood


We served the Roasted Pineapple and Habanero Sauce over meatballs in a slow cooker recently. Everyone loved it! -- Jan and Paul Atkinson

Very nice compliment to an assortment of different meats or dip recipes! A+ -- Rose

The first time I tasted this sauce was at my sister-in-law's house. She marinated chicken and then cooked it on the grill. It's delicious. She gave us a bottle to take home and I've used it on ribs as well. Now I'm ordering some for myself! -- Lindsa Smith

Awesome with fresh coho salmon..... smother it on, wrap in tin foil and pop on the bbq for 30 minutes. Unbelievable flavour with some great heat. -- Jeff M

Scroll down, you won't find less than a 5 star rating. Absolutely Amazing sauce! My mother tried it as a sample at the local Costco recently and purchased a bottle, later that night she made a simple frozen supreme pizza and I randomly poured this on a slice and oh my gosh!!!!! Sublime!! -- Rebekah

This sauce is amazing!!! I had never heard of Robert Rothschild Farms until I tried this sauce at my cousin's house. After tasting it, and reviewing the website, I am truly a fan. I'll be spreading the word. -- Alan

This is an incredible, virsitile sauce. One of our favorites for lots of different things as the suggestions on the bottle lists. Try them all! -- Bonnie

Deliciosa! -- Yadira

YUMMY! -- Anita Kunc

A great go-to sauce for fish, especially salmon. Love the sweet and heat. It's just enough heat! -- Cindy Faust

Add this to a high quality coconut yogurt and you have the BEST two ingredient pina colada sauce you'd ever want. Great as a dip - especially with coconut shrimp. I also love brushed on chicken, salmon and pan seared shrimp. We buy several at a time so we never run out. -- Jill B in Texas

My family absolutely LOVE this product the Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce which we use most frequently on fish. -- L.Sharpley

A great product, I can put on on everything including rice!! Great on cream cheese with crackers. A nice appetizer if people stop over! -- Lisa B

Roasted Pineapple and Habanero Sauce - a great combination of hot and sweet. We use it on pork chops, panko crusted chicken, and fish. The generous amount in the bottle lasts a long time an does not spoil like a salsa might. -- Joan Gonsalez

Absolutely one of the BEST habanero combinations I've had yet! I bought a little jar at the local grocery store and turns out it wasn't enough. I am so glad they have a huge bottle of this! This is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy that even the "non-spicy" palette will love. -- Nick M.

Most amazing sauce- great on fish tacos! -- maggie murphy

I have to agree with everyone else. The most amazing sauce ever! I originally bought it for my boyfriend because of his love for hot stuff...I never would have thought I would like it. He made marinated chicken breasts with it and I loved it. On pork chops and salmon it is phenomenal as well. -- Beth

Delicious on fish or with cream cheese on crackers. YUM! -- Lisa

I purchased this from Costco in West Palm Beach, FL . You have a customer for life. I was born in Ohio and I know what good products come out of Ohio. I tried this on grilled chicken OMG!!! Wonderful!! I will be trying your other products also...Thanks and never stop making your products. It would be nice to see Costco bring in your other items also. :) -- Lisa G

SO good!! On chicken, fish, ice cream, crackers..... -- Tracee

Tried a sample at Costco in Chandler, AZ and was hooked immediately. Have tried it with grilled chicken and it was incredible. Also made it with stir fry shrimp, diced onion and peppers and seasoned with garlic and ginger and a hit of soy sauce and had it over rice. OMGGGGGGGG........delicious!!!!! I just eat the sauce with a spoon. -- Alba

Best thing with cream cheese and crackers. And also great with seafood. -- Sharyn Porter

Great on fish tacos. Top mahi, cabbage and corn tortillas with this sauce and it tastes great. -- Paul

Absolute best salsa/sauce ever... I put it on everything... Highly recommend. -- Melanie

The best! Great on turkey burgers, fish & pork. I had to come to the website to order another bottle because COSTCO isn't carrying it must be a seasonal item. YUMMY!! -- Shelle Butler

Absolutely delicious. Try it glazed on Italian meatballs! -- Mike Dock

I bought a bottle of this at Sam's club and I had it all eaten within a week it is so good I tried it on everything from burgers to brats and chicken I give it 5 stars -- Kyle

Bought a bottle at Sam's Club in Ohio while we were visiting my father. Mixed it with cream cheese and served with crackers. It's addictive. I'm hoping our local Sam's Club carries it!! Love it! -- Kris

This sauce is amazing!! Sweet and spicy. I love grilling with it in chicken. Leftovers are great on salads. -- Kelly Collins